Handcrafted in India for the New League of Gentlemen

Inspiring Your World

Rawls Luxure was born out of a love affair. Our admiration for bespoke design aesthetics and authentic leather shoes inspired us to create and deliver handcrafted masterpieces right to your doorstep.

Passion for Perfection

Each pair of our shoes tell a unique story of unrivalled quality, design precision and personal comfort. Our taste for perfection begins from sourcing high quality materials to shaping each pair into a gentleman’s prized possession.

Refined Quality At An Attainable Price

Our assured higher-quality shoes with the ease of buying online gives you the power to be in control of your fashion needs. We are reinventing the luxury leather shoes industry by eliminating excessive retail markups. No middlemen means no inflated price tags. We deliver them to your doorstep directly from our factory. Excellent quality in unbeatable pricing.

Haute Loafer  - Olive Suede

Always Consumer First

We believe in creating understated styles that can be recognised by people with a refined taste in fashion. Our pure direct-to-consumer model ensures that you always enjoy unbeatable pricing for your leather shoes.