Discover handmade artistry in our leather shoes for men that blend timeless class and contemporary elegance. Our wide range of collection is made from the finest leather with remarkable finishing that would turn heads wherever you go.

Drawing Inspiration For Concept

The creative journey begins by drawing inspiration from exemplar sources and drafting of the pattern on a shoe last.

Haute Loafer  - Olive Suede

Choosing The Right Leather

In our quest for adding symmetry, the leather to be used is hand selected before clicking and cutting into components.

Designed by using traditional methods at our ateliers in Chennai, our artisans who have honed their craft for many years, give attention to every detail so that the pair that you step into is perfect in terms of fit, form and function.

Prepping The Upper

Edge minimization is done to smoothen the pieces and the upper leather is marked for stitching together as per design.

Haute Loafer  - Olive Suede
Haute Loafer  - Olive Suede

Developing The Last

Now comes the pivotal step of lasting where the artisan stretches the upper with precision to achieve the final and proper shape.

Our assured higher-quality leather shoes for men with the ease of buying shoes online gives you the power to be in control of your fashion needs. We are reinventing the luxury leather shoes industry with a signature design ideology, customised services and eliminating excessive retail markups for our patrons.

Assembling The Foundation

A solid foundation is a must for the longer life of a shoe and after the insole is constructed, the sole made from leather is attached.

Haute Loafer  - Olive Suede
Haute Loafer  - Olive Suede

Adding The Final Touch

For the finishing process, the leather is brushed, the sole is decorated, creams are applied for polishing and achieving the final shine.