How to Take Care of Your Leather Shoes

Handcrafted in India for the So, your shoes are your most prized possession but do you know how to take care of them to keep them in mint condition? Remember that it takes more than regularly cleaning your shoes to add more life to them. But, worry not, Rawls Luxure is here to guide you so that you become an expert in keeping handcrafted leather dress shoes shining like brand new.
Follow the simple steps to achieve the same:

Step 1

Prepare your shoes by using a clean cloth and lightly rubbing the surface to remove any accumulated dust. Be it loafer shoes or any other design, this is the basic step of the process.

Step 2

Time to buff all over your Rawls Luxure shoes, including the sole with a brush to get rid of any extra residue of dirt. Shift between a soft or hard brush, based on the amount of accumulated dirt.

Step 3

Now be ready to apply shoe cream/conditioner, a little amount at a time and spread it all over the surface of your men’s leather shoes. Be ready to repeat the application of cream if needed.

Haute Loafer  - Olive Suede

Step 4

Here comes the final step. Take a soft brush/cloth, grab it tightly and use it in circular motion all over the shoe. Keep it aside for a few moments to see the final shine.

See, we told you how easy it is to take care of your handcrafted leather dress shoes. Just take some time out from your schedule and you will have those shoes shining in no no time.
Always remember that Rawls Luxure shoes with leather finish and suede finish are different. You need to take care of them separately. Don’t apply products used for leather on suede portions and vice versa.